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Metaverse for Travel and Tourism

With the hit of the pandemic, the tourism industry has taken a huge hit. But with Metaverse, this gap can be bridged.

Metaverse can produce an interactive world around the tourist who wants to get a clear idea on what to expect for their visit to a particular destination. This inspires tourists to actually go onto the vacation that they were planning for.

Metaverse also enhances the experience of booking hotels by recreating an avatar of them in the VR world and allows them to actually see where they would be staying. Adding to this, they can also walk around their resorts and see the facilities on offer.

Overall, metaverse bridges the gap that was caused for tourism till date by inspiring the tourists to actually wanting them to visit the destinations and by showing them around the resorts or hotels before they actually visit them, therefore influencing the tourist positively before they make a decision for the purchase of their holiday.

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