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Metaverse for Augmented Education

Education is one of the areas where immersive technology has ushered in a new age. During the pandemic, the education industry saw a transformation, creating a rift between the instructor and the student. Though technology such as online classes and webinars assisted to bridge this gap, the challenges were visible and difficult for instructors and learners when using online classes.

They were as follows:
  – Classes that are not interactive
  – The classes were ignored.
  – Peer-to-peer learning was almost non-existent.
As the crisis increased in scope, the metaverse’s rising technologies was brought into play.

Web3-based technologies such as Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse have proven to be the right hammer for breaking through all of these barriers.

As the education industry transitions to digitization, NFT and Metaverse are gaining prominence. Traditional teaching and learning approaches are no longer suitable for sharing and obtaining information due to technical, social, and economic developments. NFT and metaverse are assisting students in acquiring information in novel ways.

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