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Metaverse for Sports & Entertainment

Traditionally the only way to watch a sport was to actually visit the event and experience it first hand while being around fans of the sport. But in the past 2 decades, everything has moved to the internet where almost all the sports are now being streamed online over the internet while it was Web 2.0. Now, with Web 3.0, enjoying sporting events online can get a lot more exciting. You can tune into the virtual world at the exact arena as your avatar and experience the whole sporting event at the comfort of your home and while being around fans at the same time.

Entertainment also takes a huge scoop of the success of metaverse as you can watch movies, play games, and do social activities together with your friends and loved ones in the metaverse.

The gaming industry has always dominated the 2D and the 3D arena of the entertainment industry since 1980. Now with metaverse, a lot of games have already been released and millions around the world enjoy playing them and earning while interacting with others connected from around the globe by getting an immersive experience. You can get the real first-person view as if you are the player in the game and can really interact with objects around you while you play the game. This was impossible before the metaverse and Web 3.0.

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