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SAP Business One is specifically built for growing businesses that have outgrown their legacy systems.SAP Business One provides instant access to critical business information so users can confidently make business decisions.SAP Business One is a comprehensive application that covers virtually all aspects of your business including finance,logistics/operations,and customer relationship management.


Unveiling 10X Turboo, our cutting-edge solution combining AI, ML, IoT, RPA, Low Code, Predictive Analytics, Cloud, Add-On Modules, Automation, NLP, Advanced Data Analytics, Blockchain, and Real-Time Reporting.


10XPaybooks is an efficient and well-organized work-flow-driven Employee Self Service to manage employee profiles,benefits,leaves, air ticket requests with a proper control mechanism for employees and line managers.


10XLimo is the complete VAN Sales application that offers hassle-free state-of-the-art capabilities like sales process automation, revenue tracking for day-to-day operations,printing invoices &acknowledgment receipts on the go,Payment collection report,Day end closing report,Sales executive target and much more.

10X iWMS

10XiWMS application provides hassle-free state-of-the-art functionalities to the users which are well integrated with SAP Business One ERP for real-time data availability and transactions.


10XLawOne is a central application for managing a law firm’s entire operations.10X provides more transparency and smooth business operations connecting your Clients and Matters with this solution.


Today most customers face challenges with the support they opt for due to reasons like consultant’s availability on Support Calls,Weak SLAs and no response from Support Partners,Slow email response, Onsite support unavailable in an emergency where the Production server is down.

10XUniversal Adapter

10XUniversal Adapter is an application adapter which can support and integrate all SAP & non-SAP applications like Oracle NetSuite,Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail seamlessly.

10X/4 Connect

With 10X/4 Connect, you can connect your vendor and supplier with SAP community and social media platforms like WhatsApp,Twitter,etc. and other third-party mail services for easier access and timely updates about your business.

10X/4 Elegance

Built for fragrance companies produce and sell/trade fragrances and aroma chemicals to make your Luxury Perfume brand run with full potential and manage it effortlessly by keeping track of every order and its packaging,managing and tracking the sales of each and every product and how it is doing in the market etc.

10X/4 3PL

10X/4 3PL is aimed to provide you with the best logistics support that you need for running your logistics company.

10X/4 Tender

10X/4 Tender is a solution that establishes direct, intelligent links between your company and its suppliers and targeted solution providers,revolutionizing the way you communicate,cooperate and complete tasks.

10X/4 FM

10X/4 FM is an application that allows businesses to manage your facilities by tracking and scheduling from a single platform.

10X/4 QM

10X/4 QM simplifies the supply chain by keeping the key components of quality assurance operations in place.With 10X/4 QM, it helps us achieve better Quality planning,advanced quality control,the best quality assurance,and the finest quality improvement.

10X/4 Drive

Choose 10X/4 Drive add-on for your business and manage your Driving School to the best of your ability.With features like Student/Trainer management,Time sheet management,fleet management,HR & Payroll, ESS,Student/Trainer alert management by SMS,Email and WhatsApp and many more.

10X ESS Portal

With 10X ESS Portal, your employees can handle many of their Information technology needs,their Human resource needs and their other necessary administrative needs on their own.

10X/4 Trading

10X/4 Trading aims to simplify and streamline your whole automobile parts trading operations. When there are many automobiles spare parts companies/general trading who wants to manage multiple BOMs,PDT or Bin Level Categorizations,this add-on is most suited to ease your pain points.


Most of our history,in the context of traditional taxes,the GCC has generally been a no-tax to low tax and continuing… 10X TAXBOX is one of most popular innovation by 10X which is the complete taxation SAP Add-On for GCC region.


10X/4HydroZAP is a complete end-to-end software managing vertical farming, for seeding to harvesting, where SAP & Machine Learning plays a major integration with CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) along with BOT integrations i.e., by monitoring the light, air, gas, nutrients, humidity, temperature dynamically, we can have insights on the way the plants are growing in a Hydroponic based agriculture.


SAP Business One Retail software helps retailers transform through the complete hypermarkets and supermarkets to meet the industry’s best practices to achieve retailers’ needs and right planning tools at their disposal.


10X Business Checkout is a robust POS solution designed to streamline retail operations and enhance customer experiences. With this comprehensive system, businesses can effortlessly manage sales, returns, payments, coupons, and promotions from a centralized platform. Whether integrated with SAP or other ERP systems or used as a standalone application, 10X Business Checkout provides seamless functionalities throughout.


10XOil&Gas, designed for oil, gas and energy focused companies is the leading add-on for optimizing operations from exploration to distribution. It establishes a completely digitized foundation, boosting productivity upstream, managing transportation & inventory efficiently, and integrating procurement with sales operations. Through automation and real-time insights, it enhances efficiency, profitability, and agility across the entire value chain, empowering companies to thrive in a dynamic energy market.


10X Pharma is a strategic asset that empowers pharmaceutical companies to operate at their best. With its seamless integration capabilities and comprehensive feature set, 10X Pharma enables businesses to navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry with confidence, efficiency, and compliance. Experience the future of pharmaceutical management with 10X Pharma.


Experience the game-changing capabilities of 10XMills, designed to revolutionize mill products sector operations. Seamlessly manage order-to-delivery processes with real-time access to product availability data, ensuring timely deliveries. Benefit from efficiency-driven insights through robust data control and integration, enhancing decision-making from production floors to executive suites. Execute complex projects effortlessly with advanced project management tools, optimizing resource utilization. With a dedicated focus on sustainability, effortlessly document, analyze, and act on environmental objectives to meet sustainability targets effectively. 10XMills offers a comprehensive solution that drives growth, adaptability, and sustainability in the competitive mill products industry.

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