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10X/4 HydroZAP

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    10X/4 HydroZAP

    The complete end-to-end software managing solutions

    10X/4HydroZAP is a complete end-to-end software managing vertical farming, for seeding to harvesting, where SAP & Machine Learning plays a major integration with CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) along with BOT integrations i.e., by monitoring the light, air, gas, nutrients, humidity, temperature dynamically, we can have insights on the way the plants are growing in a Hydroponic based agriculture.

    All this data when fed into the AI and ML process, with 10X/4HydroZAP takes uttermost control over the way the crops are being produced in your greenhouse. With 10X/4HydroZAP, you can be assured that everything from seeding to harvesting is being monitored and predicted perfectly.

    • Vertical Farming
    • Solution Culture
    • Media Culture
    • BOT integration with CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture)
    • Sales
    • Purchase
    • Accounting
    • Inventory Management
    • Delivery Process
    • Barcode Printing
    • Van Sales
    • CRM
    • BOT Integration for climate control
    • Live BOT Reports and Analytics
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