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Metaverse for Retail & Fashion

Fashion has always been the first to adapt to new technologies as the world went from visiting retail stores physically to online shopping of fashion apparel and accessories. Now with the introduction of fashion in the metaverse has taken over by storm as your avatar can now walk into any store and shop for the product you have wanted. This works for 2 scenarios:

You shop for the apparel and accessories that you will be wearing in the real world.

You shop for the apparel and accessories that your avatar will be wearing in the metaverse.

Whichever suits you, you can have it. You can virtually visit any store and pick up the products and see their size, shape, colour and interact with them and checkout virtually. You can skip the long queues for the checkout and just wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep or your can equip the product/apparel to your avatar and your avatar will be equipped to wear that product on the metaverse.

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